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John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) is a highly effective advanced manual therapy modality that works with the fascia,connective tissue of the body.

Myofascial Release and Myofascial Unwinding Therapy is a very effective hands-on technique that provides sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Myofascial Release, as taught by John F. Barnes, is a safe, gentle and effective technique producing lasting results for clients with chronic pain and postural dysfunctions.



What I have found over the past two decades as a massage therapist is that we are much more than our bodies and that our physical bodies are affected by our mental, emotional and spiritual states and visa versa.


I have concentrated my advanced training in two distinct yet very connected areas: body-based physical therapies (Mainly Myofascial Release)massage  and transformational energy therapies; we have a perfected energy anatomy blueprint just as we have a perfected physical anatomy blueprint. Similar to the scaffolding of a building, the human energy field supports and reflects the physical body.


My sessions today are a combination of very effective, advanced manual therapies: , John F. Barnes Myofascial Release, Unwinding and Rebounding  with attention to the energy field through such energy medicine modalities as Soul Focused Healing and Esoteric Healing.


I evaluate and work with a person's entire being, assessing what is out of balance, what is restricted, what is tight or weak on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, soul and spiritual.

Individualized Therapy

A Soul Focused Healing Practitioner is trained in the art of sensory perception through fine-tuning their awareness and the art of palpably sensing and understanding the energetic anatomy and physiology of the organs, glands and systems of the body. The practitioner goes in like a cosmic electrician assisting to release blockages, rewire broken circuits and restore the natural design of the human energy field.


The soul usually knows what the body needs to heal, the trick is getting the mind out of the way.

With todays lifestyle, relaxation massage is more a neccessity than a luxury or maybe it it is a luxurious necessity.

Relaxation massage has become a big part of many people’s lives in our busy and frantic routines. Your life style is probably taking it’s toll on your wellbeing. High-stress jobs, running the kids around,endless personal obligations,  the list goes on and on. Getting regular relaxation massages can be an excellent step towards improved wellbeing.

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