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Jeanne McClung, BBA, LMT

Jeanne McClung is a highly-trained, intuitive and dedicated bodyworker and energy therapist with 27 years experience in private practice.  


She specializes in custom-mixing various therapies and modalities to assist her clients with super-effective myofascial pain relief, posture and structural alignment correction, stress management, body/mind awareness and healing thru the energetic field that surrounds and supports the physical body.


Jeanne McClung is a 1996 graduate of Atlanta School of Massage, originally certified in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage and has been Nationally Certified as a Massage Therapist since 1996. Prior to that, she earned a BBA in Business and Marketing in 1981 from Georgia State University.


One of the things that sets Jeanne apart from many other therapists is her passion for learning and improving her therapy skills.

She has always gone above and beyond the required continuing education requirements for her profession.


In the fall of 1996, jumping into continuing education right away, she attended Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health and received a certification in Neuromuscular Therapy taught by Dr.Marty Costello and Judith Walker- Delaney.


Also  in 1996, she began training in Myofascial Release with John F Barnes, PT. She is now an Expert Level John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist, as well as an instructor, with over 400 hours of training, and an additional 200+ hours instructing. Myofascial Release continues to be one of the main manual modality that Jeanne uses with excellent results. She also uses Neuromuscular Reprogramming to help the body correct faulty movement patterns through retraining the motor control center of the brain.



Her training in Transformational Energy Work began with Reiki,levels I, II and Master. Next she participated in an 18 month certification course in Energy Medicine with Dr. FernanPoulin at the White Winds Institute of Energy Medicine. Next came a two-year certification program with Deborah Mills in Soul Focused Healing, continuing advance classes and a teacher training certification. She has also copleated a 4 year study with Dr. Barbara Briner in Esoteric Healing with the Institute of Bioenergy Studies. She has also trained in Heart Centered Therapy created by Alaya and Bruno Chickley.


Other manual/massage training includes soft-tissue manipulation with Leon Chaitow; Reflexology with Whitehawk Caddy and Visionary Cranial Sacral Work with the Milne Institute.

Other training has included certification in Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection with Dr. Eric Pearl and Integrative Therapy Training with Jim Helbert.

Additional courses have included classes with Dr. Robert Ibrehim Jaffe, Apolonia Fortino, Tom Kenyon, Dr. Richard Moss, Lori Wilson, Lee Carroll, Karla McLaren, Carolyn Myss and Ron Roth, Dr.Sandy Hale, Susan Russel, and Edna Frankle, among others.







When not at Heart Space Healing

or in a class,

      Jeanne is gardening,

playing with her

sweet cocker spaniel Windy


pursing soul expanding experiences.

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